Our History

Our Church History

November 15th, 1858

Congregation Established

Our congregation was established and organized at the home of Mrs. S. A. Turner

First House of Worship

The first house of worship was erected on the corner of main and State Streets


First Church Dedication

Dedicated early in the summer of 1865.

First Fire Destroys Church

In January of 1874, the first church was destroyed by fire.

January 18, 1874
November 19, 1876

Second Church Dedication

In 1874, on the same lot, a brick veneer building was erected.
This church was dedicated on November 19, 1876

Second Fire Destroys Church

Fire destroyed this second church in December of 1890.

December 22, 1890
December 22, 1891

Third Church Erected and Dedicated

A third church
an impressive Romanesque-styled edifice of brick and stone was erected, dedicated on the first anniversary of the fire, December 22, 1891

Present Church

The Romanesque-styled church was used until 1961 when the present church was built


Our Church House


Ellis House Purchased

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Holt, dedicated members, purchased the Ellis House, located across the street from the third Presbyterian Church and gave it to our church and built a large addition.

Ellis Complex Burned Down

The complex, which contained the church office, Sunday School rooms, a pool room, a bowling alley, a gymnasium with a stage and a kitchen and served as the community social/recreational center, burned down in 1959.

October 26, 1959